New Coop Problems Getting Everyone to Bed!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by tamiep, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    My youngest chickens, born this spring, apparently got use to me picking them up and putting them in their former cage, so now they wait for me to put them to bed. They insist on all getting on my shoulders and head before bed time. Turns out one is a boy, and he feels he MUST sit on my head before bed, even if that means stepping on everybody to get there. I have a chair by the coop now and they sit there waiting for me.

    My year old hens don't want to go in the new coop and I have to put them in, as well. They come to my back door saying "awwww, awwww" like they're going to tattle on someone, until I come out and walk out to the coop.

    I had 2 ducks, didn't know they could not go up a ramp. They want me to lift them, but run from me for 10 minutes and scream like I'm trying to kill them, first. Unfortunately, one got caught by a raccoon the other night when we could not catch her right away. The other one is still playing the "catch me" game at bedtime.

    These stinkers are wearing me out.

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    It seems like they have got you well trained :D I'd suggest putting a flashlight in the coop - that, combined with some tough love on your part (i.e. ignoring them) should encourage them to go into the coop. Once in there, you can turn off the light. Not sure about your duck - never kept 'em, but it should work for your chickens.
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    Ditto Dat^^^
    As long as you allow them to jump on you, they will continue to do so.
    Terrible habit, IMO, especially with the male.
    It's a dominance move, it will get less and less cute the bigger they get.
    I hate them jumping on me uninvited, maybe you like it tho.<shrugs>

    Did the older birds go into the coop by themselves previously?

    How many birds total?
    Will you post pics of your coop and run?

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