New coop started today ... cannot wait to post pictures!!!

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  1. Just started new construction of a coop today. i cannot wait until we are done since this will be the first we have made on our own. All other coops have been made of existing structures so this will be the first of my design. I know how much fun this will be and cannot wait. Also will be breeding real silver duckwing phoenix birds. Friend of mine is selling me his because he thinks he came along better hatching stock. Until the next time later peeps :)
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    Always a fun time.

    Five years ago I was just having a friend of mine finish my coop. I recently put electricty (without an extention cord) into it.

    I had an aquaintance see my coop for the first time today and when he looked in he said, "That is the cleanest chicken coop I have every seen"... I told him that's why i have linoleum floors... so we can sweep and mop it at least twice a month.

    The only problem I've ever had with my coop (8X10 walk-in) is the sky light --- had a limb from my neighbors tree fall on it and break it and I'm too lazy to put in a new one. but it's been great for five years.

    In fact, on 5-14-2013 it will be my five year anniversary on BYC.
  3. Nice, mine is soon after.

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