New coop. Still a work in progress

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    So after having chickens, and then guineas, and then ducks, a goose, turkeys, and finally peafowl, it was time for more space.Proof positive that chickens ARE addictive. I wanted to be able to supply some of the local 4-H rs with a little something better than what the feed stores order from hatcheries. My new building has 6 stalls, each being 4' x 12' for 6 different breeds. I have a 4' aisle in the center and soon an 8' x 16' pen for egg layers. There is an8' x 8' storage area for brooding and feed and supply storage.

    Rear View

    The two stalls that are complete.

    4 more future stalls
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  2. I wish I had a coop like that
    Well if I had more chickens

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