*New Coop, stops roosting??* Help!


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Hi everyone. Well I finally got my coop built it took this whole weekend, I am in love with it. I will post pics tomorrow.

My problem though, is that I put my hens in to get them aquainted with their new place and they loved it scratching and everything. Well I go back out tonight and they are all huddle up in the corner. Now I made sure I put the same roosting bar up in the coop that they were using the other one. It is the same height and everything.

Why did they not roost? They didnt even roost on the hanging nest boxes. What should I do?

BTW I already put them up on the roost and Im about to go check to see if they have hopped down yet..... Help please!
Thats fairly common. They just have to get settled in and comfortable. Chickens are at their most vulnerable on a roost while sleeping and they know it. They have to get comfortable with their new digs before spreading out a bit on the roost. They will huddle together like that for comfort and peace of mind for usually a few days. I would lock them down in their for 2-3 days and let them get used to it.
They have to be in there. My new run isnt finished yet but it will be fnished by then. So should I have left them down on the ground?
They imprint on overall appearance of roost site, not just the stick or pole. I get my birds to move roosting site and everything in its immediate vicinity. If you made new coop identical to old, then I predict they would roost on pole, even if pole itself were swopped out for another that looks different.
We moved our roosts and I had to go out there every night for a week and put them up. After that time they all figured it out, so it just takes patience. Go out when it is pitch black and just bring a flashlight (this works better with more than one person). Only shine the light on one bird at a time and then move them up to the roost.
They all stayed on the roost this until this morning and then they all layed in the new next boxes! Which I didnt think would happen until a few times of moving the eggs.

We will see how it goes tonight....
Thanks this was helpful for us too. Tonight was first night our girls were in their coop and they too were huddling by the door on floor, hoping they will get comfy and roost in a few days

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