New Coop....Updated pictures added today 4/19/2011


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Hello All,

Here is our coop that we started on Monday. As soon as my hubby has a day off from work we should be able to finish it. I really wanted it to be a 4x8. My DH brought home the plywood and we soon changed our minds. It was so heavy. We are putting it together in our garage. We will then move it to the backyard. So my DH wants to build it as lite as possible. We went with a 3x6. I only want 4 Hens (I guess since he is also building a Zenith CH750. He wants it to be light weight. You can see some of his air plane parts in the pictures.) So here are some pictures of it so far. There is also a picture of the Neighbors Bantams that stopped by.












Me cutting some nails off!

Nest box


Back door
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Hey my hubby flies too! Anyway...

I built a smaller "coop" than I wanted but I put it inside a HUGE run. So the chx still have plenty of room. They only go in the coop during crappy weather and at night. I put it up on stilts too so they could hang out underneath it during weather as well. It's amazing how quickly your coop can get heavy. Mine is only 4'x4'x4' on 18" stilts and I can't believe how heavy it was. Took hubby and two neighbor guys to move it into place.

Good luck with the building!
We will be putting our on stilts too. I wanted them to have room under it during the day. Im going to tractor supply today to look at a feeder and water feeder. Want to see what else they have too. I can't wait to get it finished. I think we going to have a 10x10 run.

We love to go flying. He few us to Destin Beach last year. For the first time. Only too 3 hours. It was awesome!
If you are REALLY going to stick to 4 hens it will work. 4 sq. ft per bird inside, 10 sq. ft outside min. But, if you are like the majority, you WILL want more birds. When you do,LOL, you can add on to the coop with an annex and still be able to move the coops. ...........
I have my mind set on just 4! lol I just want the laying Hens! Went to tractor supply today!! Got a feeder and water feeder! Egg basket too! Very happy with what I got. They had some chicks. More we already gone. All the ducks were gone too.
Not sure you'll need an egg basket for only 4 chickens.
It is nostalgic though isn't it.
Got this window today! I'm so happy I found one. Now if I could only find one more. Just a little bit smaller. I think we are going to use this one as a side door...?


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