1. wayneh

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    Jan 25, 2011
    N. E. Alabama
    Started the new coop today. got 2 of the 4 post in ground with quick-crete. put the other 2 in the ground tomorrow. since the dog attack, we have changed everything, no more free range. now they have a 30x50 fenced in area. now we are planning on getting a few more chicks, (chicken math) so we need a bigger coop. right now all I know is its going to be 4x8, got to get the layout right so we will be doing a lot of looking at coops. got a few ideals about the layout. trying to make it easy to clean and gather eggs. more than likely we will put the nest box on one end for easy access. roost of the other end with poop board and a cleanout door. getting a couple 2x2 windows from the salvage place for extra ventilation in the summer. roof will be vented as well as the eves, this will allow for good roosting ventilation year round. TW (the wife) talked me into getting a auto door. kinda wanted one, but didn't want to get off my wallet that much. I have a buget, but this will not throw me over, I don't think. we are using Advantek flooring for the floor and walls. this stuff has a 50 year warrenty. it is usally $20 bucks or more per sheet, but a local store had it for 15 bucks, couldn't resist. got most of my 2x4's and metal for the roof. going to insulate the whole coop this time, only did the roof in the old coop. I got the stuff, might as well use it. its called double bouble, pretty good stuff. we will post some pix when we have more progress. we are goinng to sell our old coop. we completed it around April. It's a tractor, 30"x60" pretty good for 3 or 4 chicks. pix of it if interseted.
  2. bryan99705

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    Looking forward to see your progress [​IMG]

    Couple things: Since we know a huge percent of poo in a coop is on the poop tray, how about setting up your poop tray on drawer tracks so you can roll it out of the wall of the coop for easy cleaning

    Why bother with a pop door? If you coop is either inside the run or firmly attached, and your run is topped with wire and skirted, why do you need to lock down? Beside the wire top, if it's not in the plans is probably a lot cheaper than a pop door.

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