New design question


7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
I am doing a project for a college graphic design class
I was wondering
1. how many of you guys buy specific items for your specific breed
2. Hypothetically if there was a website where you could special order feed, shampoos, etc, would you use it? Kind of like subway, where you pick the minerals and vitamins that go into the things to improve color, feathers, things like that
Any feedback would be great, thanks!
I am sure BREEDERS or the people whoshow their Chickens would do this if you are talking of just chickens if you are talking of a larger like dogs shows or any kind of animal then I think some would but many are thrown bak by price like I showed a chicken for a few years I never uaed anthing that was FOR the feathers to be better looking like a shampoo I never feed her anything the others didn't get, I showed her as is, she won a trophy the last year she was alive. It depends on the person.


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