new DIY incubator...again!


7 Years
Jun 15, 2012
Morgantown, PA
okay, this is my 3rd time making and trying to hatch eggs. I looked up a lot of homemade incubators and I had this bread box in my kitchen that we just put bills into so I re-purposed it! It's perfect for a few eggs. I cut a hole in the side for the light bulb, bought my trusty thermometer/hygrometer at Wally world tonight and I'm getting the temp up right now. I'm going to collect eggs until Thursday so I can put them in on the first (easier for me to remember when to do things like candle and when the EDD is). Here's what is done so far:

Okay, I have 3 eggs so far and The temp has held at 99 and hum. is at 38, it's a still air so I am trying to get the temp up a few. I left the gap open at the top for ventilation and just taped over part of it to help get the temp up. I have a wet sponge in there and I put poultry wire across the bottom and in front of the light for protection. I had a little fan in there but there isn't any room for one and worried if my kids decide to open it, it wouldn't be good. I'm going to have to put a big old sign on the handle so they don't "forget". The eggs are from my lavender Cochin that was fertilized by a blue Andalusian.
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