New duck, funny duck!


12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
British Columbia, Canada
Not show material, but high on the entertainment scale!
I got a mottled grey crested runner duck, but her pompom is jauntily perched on the side of her head.

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They are great entertainment value. I have an "odd" duck named Buckette. She never stays with the flock, bobs her head oddly most of the day, and spends most of her time with one eye to the sky. Not sure what she's looking for. We actually think she acts autistic with her rocking motions and loud vocalizations.
We have actually joked about our autistic son being a duck in a previous life. When you are a duck, all change is bad, even if it is good. Many autistics go by the same motto
i have a crested girl who has a side ponytail. she has this skin flap with feathers on the side of her head. she also cocks her head to the side as if she's posing for a yearbook picture. Something about cresteds possibly having brain damage????

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