New duck hates peas!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mariehanson, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. mariehanson

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I think I might have the only duck on the planet who does not like peas! I already have two white Campbells who will practically knock you over to get to the pea bowl, but my new Khaki Campbell (Cocoa, because she's made of chocolate) put one in her mouth and spat it back out. I was shocked, I thought all ducks loved peas.
    I have also tried getting her to eat some of the other two duck's favourites of tomatoes, lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber and mealworms. She has turned her beak up at all of them and favours eating the plain boring layer pellets. I'm wondering if it is the soft texture that she does not like and wondering if anyone had any tips of some food that was a bit firmer or crunchier that she may prefer? I was thinking of small pieces of apples but not sure if I should remove the skin first? I'm hoping Cocoa comes around soon, she is in the scared skittish phase where she thinks I'm trying to eat her but I can't win her love until I find a food she loves.

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    I think there are, oh, maybe ten ducks worldwide who don't like peas (and I ought not to lie like that). [​IMG]

    Okay - you took a perfect photo for the duck kid who hates all good things. Little grump.

    It took several days for the Coffees to come around to appreciating the joy of peas. They were receptive to blueberries (I keep some frozen for myself). Eventually they caught on, though.

    Everyone here also likes sprouted wheat seeds - I like them, too because I don't have to keep them frozen, and they are a source of fresh food in winter.

    Just another wrinkle in the process. Proud of you for being determined.
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    Feb 18, 2013
    Ha Ha... My Ducks don't like peas either... but I am afraid that is mainly because I don't and didn't give them to them when they were little, so now they turn up their "noses" (or beaks[​IMG]) at them. I mean they will eat them if they are mixed in their feed, but not their faves at all. Ducks after my own heart. [​IMG]
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    My black swedes love peas and when I added my 3 grey runners who would not eat them at first they kept spitting them out , but now they love them and everything else I give them, lettuce , peppers , cherry tomatoes , if i try them on new foods I put it in their water bowl as they prefer it to their food bowl ,strange things ducks lol
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    May 24, 2011
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    My ducks go crazy over peas. I have 4 pekin ducks tho, but they love just about everything you give them. Peas, corn, beans, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs <--That is probably there favorite, my females just started laying eggs earlier this week and we don't have an incubator so i have been making scrambled eggs and feeding them. I also tried a duck egg for the first time ever and i must say it was delicious!

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