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Jun 13, 2017
IMG_7224.JPG 80785455-64C7-4FED-9DA4-CCC95B8655D7.jpg 5BA27C39-E3A5-4AB5-8F79-6F7FEA08B267.jpg Hi guys!! Im new to the Duck Mom life, and its all thanks to the little guy that I have as my profile picture. Im asking for any tips on raising an imprinted duckling. He is a male, I recently sexed him, let him rest and tried again and his little "you know what" came out. I have him in a brooder box right now and I let him out to walk around or stay in my bed for snuggles ontop of wee wee pads and towels. I am in this for the long haul and Im enjoying this new experience. Even if I get barely any sleep, my sister is with her 1 month old and Im with this little 4 day old duckling. We hang out with the babies together and my family is in love with this little chirping fuzz ball.
Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow adorable is this one! :love Lots of duck owners here on BYC. Definitely stop by our Ducks section, CTKen has left you with the link.

Great to have you aboard and welcome to our roost! :)

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