New Duck Momma!

Aug 19, 2019
Hey all, I am A new duck mama from Michigan. I raised 2 chickens years ago and often looked to this site to search information. We recently purchased 8 ducklings To help manage the duckweed in our pond, thinking we could raise them to adulthood… Introduce them to our pond and they would be self-sufficient, fly away and come back. With minimal research on breeds, we found a place that had 8 ducklings and my husband went and bought them that day! Turns out we are now parents of 5 Peking & 3 Khaki Campbell’s. First, I immediately fell in love with my new babies and as I research daily, I realize that is an undertaking far greater than having 2 chickens! We have since bought and built a 7 x 7 shed to house them and my initial questions are how to set up the inside for ducks. Do they need laying Boxes? Many other questions - most importantly my special needs baby I call “Tipsy” who is having difficulty keeping her balance. I believe it is spray or spraddle leg and have her leg wrapped, giving her niacin and liquid B 12 but she is still very wobbly, behind the pack end at three weeks old wants nothing to do with swimming! Super worried about her. Any advice would be appreciated on both questions. Thank you!
Most ducks will lay on the floor, so you can provide floor nests or just deeper bedding. I don't know about the one falling behind. What are you feeding them? Generally it's best to not let them swim until they are fully feathered as without a mom duck to provide her oil to them they aren't waterproof, and can get soaked and chilled.
Good evening and welcome to the BYC flock!!! I have been gifted a special needs pekins from my daughter who works at TSC, she is blind and has a hip deformity. I have her on B Complex as people on her suggested for any niacin deficiency that maybe causing her issues. We just picked up a kahki duckling yesterday as a buddy. Best of luck with your SN baby and the rest of your flock.
Most often leg and neurological issues can be treated with liquid B Complex and they bounce right back. If it’s a niacin deficiency. And you have to make sure if just supplementing with niacin you have the correct one it can’t be flush free or time released. If possible post a video of Tipsy. Or pics.

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