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May 1, 2015
Western Mass
We bought some baby ducks 4 weeks ago. We were told the were born on April 1st 2015. They almost seem pretty big for 4 weeks old. We purchased 6 of them and lost one

Today we bought 3 female ducks because we found out that out of our original 5 ducks only 1 of them was female (do to the coloring of them) We didn't think it was fair for 4 males to gang up on one female! So now we have 8 ducks. We put the original 5 and the new 3 in the pen together. They really don't like each other. LOL. The 4 week old ducks kind of rule the roost!!!

We usually bring the ducks in at night but now with the 3 new ones we can't, so we are leaving them out all night in the duck pen/house. The pen is closed in on the sides & top. There is a duck house in there too. It took us forever to get them in the house. I can laugh about it now! But I sure wasn't laughing then!! I just hope that they can get along all night. It is only in the 40's tonight so hope they will cuddle together.

Our Duck Pen

Our 3 new Ducks, and our 4 week old Pekin in the back

Welcome to Backyard chickens - I don't know much about ducks but you can find duck threads at "Other Backyard Poultry," forum above. The duck folks would be able to give you much better information than I ever could. Seems like you have a nice set up and they seem to be doing well.
Welcome to BYC!

I've never had ducks but there sure are cute when they are babies. Hope you are enjoying them!

Nice to have you join us.

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