New duck parent


Jun 28, 2022
I just got 3 ducks! Large duckling is Jayke (pekin, sex unknown) the two little ones are white crested (both male). They are been living in my living room in a medium dog pen until today they spent all day in their newly build run.

Tips on how to maintain odorless environment? Tricks on removing/cleaning waste?

Backyard is large and even has a pond. The run itself is 12x8 and a large dog house is being build that will act as their coop. When the two little ones get abit bigger they will have free range of the backyard so right now I'm letting them get use to their new home.

I am honestly just winging things here. If enclosure needs to be modified I will find out in the next week or so. I plan on addelimg bricks around the chicken wire on the inside to help keep any predators out. At night time they come back inside to stay safe until they get their Feathers.

Tips/tricks on easy run clean up? What do you guys use to help with odor? I do have a feeder and a water feeder but they are currently still too small to use I feel. Maybe Jayke can but I don't think Rex or Quaklemore can reach up to it.

Thanks in advance :)


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