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11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
I have three mascovy, one male and two female. One female had one egg hatched this morning (she had two eggs she was sitting on, but one went missing)

Is there anything I need to do.... Only water access for swimming is a kiddies wading pool, which the duckling wouldn't be able to get into. Do I need to get it duckling fed?/ do I need to put out a low bowl for water? should I put the mother and duckling in a smaller area or do they go about on their own?

Before I went to work the mother was on the nest and hasn't left it yet as far as I know.

I do have lots of barn cats that are fed well, but I still worry that they may go after the duckling.

Any info would be really, really great

new mom !!!!


9 Years
May 18, 2010
Semora NC - on the VA line
Barn cats : pen the mama and baby up temporarily for like 2-3 weeks till baby gets too big for the cats to be interested in it as food. I have cats who will catch black birds and decent sized snakes a chick or duckling would be easy meal for them.

You'll need to get some flockraiser or chick starter (non medicated) crumble (or pellets and grind them yourself if you can't find pre-crumble) also you will need a water dish the baby can access. I started work on all this today myself as my muscovy hen hatched atleast 8 babies today!

I love babies good luck and enjoy yours!

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