New Ducklings: Help with identifying breed

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Sep 9, 2019
Central Virginia
yesterday we went to a chicken swap and didn't see anything that caught our eye so we decided to go inside tractor supply... The manager offered us ducklings for only a $1 a piece or $.50 if we took them all. We unfortunately did not take them all, I wish we would have but we ended up with 3 ducklings.

They could not tell us the breed and I'm wondering if someone who is more experienced with ducklings and breeds could help us out.

One of the ducklings definitely has niacin deficiency, which we are taking care of. She looks and walks way better than she did yesterday.

Thanks in advance for helping :)


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I think they're all the same age from what they said. They were unsure on every question we asked...

The bigger one has bad legs, they're bent and it's feet turn inward, so we are giving it niacin to hopefully correct it. I'm not sure the food they use, but this duckling hasn't had an easy life.

If they are all the same age, i bet on the larger one to be a Pekin and the two smaller ones to be Fawn & White Indian Runners.
If they are all the same age, they could be Pekin, White Layer, Fawn & White Runners or any other breed with yellow ducklings.
Beautiful babies anyway! :love
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