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May 25, 2008
South Brittany, France
My Son bought me some ducks earlier in the year, the male is a half wild duck. My husband ( Paul) has being eyeing them and licking his lips. As they were bought as a gift I dont want to kill them, I am going to keep these as, hopefully a breeding pair, well threesome as I have another female. So today I went to the local market,ducks were €3 each, so we have new Baby ducks at Half Acre, called Plum and Orange. Paul's now converting the stables into two separate houses,
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Awww! How neat.
I love my ducks for entertainment but we also have enough that a few can be eaten. We plan to have one of our extra drakes as a Thanksgiving dinner and next year raise a few Rouens for meat as well.
Tell your hubby that next year when they hatch out a few he can raise extras for food but these are your "starter" flock. That way you both get to enjoy the proceeds of duck ownership. Just try not to get too attached to the youngsters he plans to eat! It can so easily happen.

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