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New ducky owner:)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Carissa.S, May 7, 2011.

  1. Carissa.S

    Carissa.S Hatching

    May 7, 2011
    Hello- I just joined this forum because for the past week, I have been referring to it to answer my questions about my 2 week old ducks. I went to Tractor Supply the week before Easter and could not bear to leave without 2 ducklings. It was a surprise for my parents when I came home from college the next day with 2 Pekins. Thankfully, they were still cute enough to smooth everything over. I live on a farm with a creek so I knew once they were older, we could let them roam on our property. I figured I would just leave them at home so they could get acquainted with the place but my dad informed me they were my responsibility until they were old enough to live outside on their own. He agreed to build a little duck house for them and to have it ready for when I next came home with them.
    This past week, I noticed one of the ducks' legs was bowing a little bit. A friend of mine informed me that it was probably just a torn ligament so I rubbed it off. The next morning, I let both of the ducks swim while I cleaned their cage (a dog kennel in my apt. bathroom). When I took them both out of the tub, I noticed one of them kept falling over. It kept trying to "itch" its chest but he couldn't stabilize his body. I picked him and noticed he wouldn't stop moving his legs. It was as if he was swimming in mid-air. It was 5 min from that point that he could no longer walk at all. Keep in mind that this week is finals week for me and I am a senior in college so it's a tough week. I knew I had to study that whole day but I threw clothes on, grabbed the duck and went to the closest vet. The first thing they told me was that he was burning up. I figured it was because his legs hadn't stopped moving for the past 30 minutes. The doctor finally called me back and informed me it wasn't good. He figured that the duck had somehow bumped his head and his balance was affected. His respiratory system was already shutting down by the time I made it to the room. I lost all emotion. I had no idea how much I had grown to love this duck! I cried and cried and cried with that doctor, and I felt like a fool, but thankfully, he was so understanding. He suggested to go ahead and put him down. I said goodbye and cried the rest of the day. It was AWFUL! I came home to my other duckling and held it and just cried and cried some more. Since then, I've made sure to stay at home and let the other one just roam free around my apartment since "she" doesn't have a friend anymore. Because of this, "she" follows me everywhere. I even had to put the kennel next to my bed last night so she knew I was right there and she wasn't alone. It's breaking my heart that she doesn't have a friend, but my dad still isn't fond of the whole duck thing. I am not sure whether to get another duck or not. I am going home for a 4 days and then coming back to my college town for the following 3 weeks. I think she will be too big to keep her here for much longer. I'm stuck! I don't know if we should just attempt her to roam on her own on our property, or just wait it out and see if we end up getting another duckling. I've grown to love this little duck even more because having the other one gone made me realize how much I care for these little guys. This is all a learning process for me, but any advice on ANYTHING is so appreciated! I know I have written a book! Sorry about that! But really, please feel free to inform me on any suggestions for my current situation! Thanks so much!

  2. duckyfromoz

    duckyfromoz Quackaholic

    Jan 11, 2010
    [​IMG] So sorry for what you have been through. I dont know if there is any point to mentioning this...as I am sure the vet knew what was going on better than I can guess from what you have written- but sometimes fast growing meat type ducks such as the pekin can have leg problem which can be treated easily by adding some powered vitamins to their feed. Bowed legs are a sign of nutritional deficiency. The fact that it had a high temperature is a sign that something more is wrong- and the respiratory distress is also somewhat worrying. Not very many vets have ever treated a duck- I know my ducklings are often very warm when I pick them up - how did the vet check its temperature ?

    If you decide to get a friend for your lone little girl- doing it as quickly as possible would be best so that they can grow up together- leave it too much longer and the size difference would mean they cant live together for a while until the younger one has grown a bit. A single duck will be lonely -so if you decide not to get another duckling ...... although it is obvious you have bonded with the little one- maybe finding someone else to take it could be something else for you to consider. Someone who already has some other ducklings for it to grow up with- or even someone in your home town so you could still visit it when you go back there to visit family.

    Best wishes for your your finals too - I hope you do well, and duckie doesnt keep you too much from your important studying and sleep.
    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  3. duckymommyyy

    duckymommyyy In the Brooder

    Apr 16, 2011
    that's so cute that you got attached to your ducklings :] I love pekins and hope to order some soon for the first time. I'm sorry to hear about your one duckling that passes away. I would be crying all day and nite too! We're about the same age, I know how you feel when I surprised myself for being sad when I first raised mini little chickens that I didn't think I would get attached to. Your duckling that follows you around because its lonely, would you ever consider keeping it at your college apt? It'll be attached to you if you keep up spoiling it ;p
    If you do, indoorducks.com has ducky diapers for all types of ducks so you can let her run around your apt without the mess and worry of having to clean up after her. you can keep the food and water in the bathroom area? Unless you are able to get her a ducky friend! I am actually ordering just one, and having the rest of the order for other people that want to order them too. Too bad you don't live in the area! aww. I hope you get your sitation figured out! I'll check up on you! Post pics of your baby if you can please!! Your story has me hooked and wondering! [​IMG]
  4. Lea Rx Queen

    Lea Rx Queen In the Brooder

    May 5, 2011
    Aww gosh, I'm so sorry about your baby [​IMG]
    I'm a new duck owner too & I bought one of my baby runners the day before the other, he was peeping like mad because he didn't have a friend to cuddle up to. So the next day I got him a friend & ever since, he's calmed right down & I barely hear a thing from him unless he's talking to the other one [​IMG]
    Although I don't know too much about ducks just yet, I'd advise getting another just to keep your duckling company. Good luck!

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