New egg has question about feather loss

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    Apr 14, 2009
    We have had our hens for one year now (got them as chicks). They are losing feathers only on their lower back and under their tail (including the rosster). It seems to be getting worse, skin is pink and it looks as though new feathers are trying to come in but not very quickly. There has not been a loss in egg production at all as a matter of fact they have really picked it up and we are getting as many eggs as there are hens. Total flock is 11 hens and one rooster. I did not know if this could be a normal moult, didn;t know if they moult this time of the year, mites, mice, etc. - We feed them table scraps, scratch feed and the DuMor laying mash along with their grit. Any advice from those of you with more experience would be much appreciated. I really like my girls and the roo is actually really friendly as well and fathom something bad happening to them.[​IMG]

    Also - what is the proper rooster//hen ratio?
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    It's recommended to have 8-12 hens for one rooster.
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    I've had troubles with feather loss this spring too. For your situation some of it could be from the rooster... the loss of feathers on the hens lower backs is often from the rooster climbing on them when mating.
    Other options are feather picking, moult or bugs/mites etc
    sunflower seeds can help (gives nutrient they get from feathers to reduce feather picking)
    if it is bugs of any kind food grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural anti-pest, sprinkled around their coop, and can be used as an internal wormer also (if put some in their water). Also I have heard wood ash for dust baths is helpful for pests
    fresh greens are always good
    make sure they aren't bored and have plenty of room, lots to do
    you can keep an eye on them and watch for a feather picker also
    A little apple cider vinegar in the water is helpful for general health and well being (1 TBsp?/tsp? per one gallon of water)

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