New evening roost


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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
Appreciate any ideas or enlightenment about my barred rock's new behavior. I have 3 pullets (16 weeks) and all of the sudden the second in pecking order has decided not to go in the coop at dusk but climb into our big fir to roost. I observed her doing the same evening routine of going into the run and doing some last minute foraging with the other two, walking into the coop (large door and very roomy with roosting poles) and then 30 seconds later she strolls out again, all the while the leader is calling for her and she goes straight to the tree and climbs up. We don't know of anything different that has happened and the coop is kept clean. We thought a hawk had her the first night when we closed the door and she wasn't there. Looked all over our back and front yard with flashlight, even searched the tree but no sounds and no hen. Next morning saw her in the tree, about 5 feet up.

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