New family with a free grazing question.

josh and trish

10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
Hello, my wife and I are new to Chickens. We have 15 hens. We are from Indiana. My wife was hesitant about getting the feathered creatures but we have had them for a few months and she loves them. She is even wanting to buy more pullets. I do have a question. I have a chicken coup but they have wore all the grass down to mud. I started letting them out to run the farm. Is there anything besides predators that I should worry about.
I haven't had a problem with them staying out too late. They know where home is and go back to the run around 3:00 when I come out with the veg scraps and leftover canned cat food. Have you tried playground sand in your run? It helps us with the mud problem. It's good for drainage into the earth and the girls eventually blend it in. We are on a clay base and drainage used to be an issue.

Hope this helps.
Colby in KY
from TN
I have flock that free ranges 24/7 I havent had any problems at all.
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from Kansas and
Mine free range all the time. Your challenges will be:


keeping them out of the garden/flower beds

laying eggs wherever thay darn well please. Everytime I find a nest (more than one will lay in it) they move on me again. They are playing the hide and seek game with me.

Fresh water

Your time to chicken sit with them.

I'm sure I missed something but here is a start.
Will enjoy watching them free range. Good therapy!
Hi, mine were more than happy to forage around the garden (and my nieghbours too) but they would keep scrathing in the gravel path putting stones on the lawn. Well it was more than worth it to see them so happy!

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