New Farm, Help Me Name It! De Leon Springs, FL


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Apr 25, 2011
De Leon Springs, FL
My significant other and I will be moving to our new farm this week! Finally! Technically, I will still be living most of the time in Gainesville because I am a veterinary student, but I graduate in May. We have been waiting for this for a long time!

I need help naming it! The previous owner who built it named the access road with the intention that the farm could be named the same thing, BUT there is already a farm in central FL named the same thing, so we need a new name! Here is some info about the property that I am trying to use to name it.

20 acres with oaks
preserve area next door (unnamed)
lots of otters, bears, deer, panthers in the area (yes, we will be doing some SERIOUS exclusion fencing)
on a springfed lake
lake has a lot of lilypads
just east of de leon springs, fl
french country style home
we will have heritage and rare breeds of poultry and livestock to produce specialty farm products
examples of livestock: heritage turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, american guinea hogs, mangalitsa hogs (i am hungarian), high percentage wagyu cattle, a jersey cow, spanish goats, blackbelly sheep, bees, and a few horses for riding. also, an orchard with lots of different fruit and nut trees including semitropical ones, a large garden with veggies, herbs, grape vines, and berries including hard to find, exotic, and native fruits.

Here are some of the names I have been thinking about:
Black Bear Estate
Oakwood Farms
Meadowspring Farms/Estate

Maybe something including a native tree or bush name on the property, have to go look around for what is there.

Thanks for your help!
Hello! I just searched for 'Gainesville, FL' and this post came up. I think you are the woman that I got my French Black Copper Marans ("Frenchie") from. My name is Jillian. I love Frenchie, thank you. She is laying 4 eggs a week and her black/green plumage is striking in the sun. Your new farm/home sounds like paradise! Early congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

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