New Feather Loss Question, Not Molting or fighting.....

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    Oct 16, 2012
    Hi Chicken People,
    We are looking for some help here. Attached are photos of our lady Ms. Clavel, and she has lost quite a few patches of feathers. We know for certain that it is not fighting, as the three of them have been together and watched regularly. I have looked through other posts extensively and we are pretty sure it is not molting, but not sure what it can be.

    Her spirits are same as ever (good) although the egg-laying stopped, so molting may be a just looked so rough like feathers are actually breaking off, not falling out. Another of the three has stopped laying eggs, but is not losing feathers. Sorry the photos are a bit rough, she wasn't in the mood to be photographed but I got what I could. There are other similar areas around her body and chest.

    Any thoughts? Tips? Could it be a mite or some other pest?



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    Certainly feather loss can be mites...always!

    But I myself was fooled one year into thinking that the feathers were breaking off a bird by a rooster's attentions, when it was molting. You will see the pin feathers coming in- they look like porcupines LOL.

    You can up the protein in the diet during the molt if desired- scrambled egg, unmedicated chick starter with added oyster shells for calcium, meat scraps, etc. to help them grow feathers.

    For mites I recommend poultry dust on the chickens under wings and around vent, and permethrin spray for the coop, toss all bedding. Repeat everything every 7 days until bug free (repeat at least once to get the hatching eggs).

    I treat my flock every 4 months year round for mites to keep them away, but there are some on BYC who don't seem to have problems with mites as I do. That is something you can judge---ashes from the woodstove to take dust baths in help prevent mites I believe. I give them these too.

    Honestly it might just be molting.
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