New Flock, Help ID a few Ladies?


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
Good evening! I share a flock of chickens (12 hens and a roo) with my mom. It is a mixed flock with 5 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Buff "Fat Ones", 1 Blue "Fat One", 2 (what I believe to be) Ameraucanas, 1 White Lady, 1 Barred Plymouth Rock, and an Ameraucana (I think) Roo.

I am going to post some pictures (fingers crossed they work:fl) of the hens I don't know the breed of, could anyone possibly help me ID my ladies (and Sir Steller)?

White Gal 2 by heat14, on Flickr

White Gal by heat14, on Flickr

The White Gal

Lighter Amerucuna by heat14, on Flickr

Amerucuna 2 by heat14, on Flickr

Amerucuna by heat14, on Flickr
I think these are Amerucunas

Steller by heat14, on Flickr

Steller 2 by heat14, on Flickr

Sir Steller (Amerucuna Roo?)

Big Fat Hen 2 by heat14, on Flickr

Big Fat Hens by heat14, on Flickr

Buff "Fat Hens" (They have feathered feet)

Blue Broody Hen 2 by heat14, on Flickr

Our Currently Broody Blue "Fat" Hen (she has feathered feet)

Any suggestions are appreciated
Fat Ones= blue and buff Cochins

The "Ameraucanas" are Easter Eggers.

The white one and the roo are also both EE's.
Just a guess but...
1. white Ameraucana
2. Ameraucana
3. Ameraucana
4. Stellar is an Ameraucana Roo and handsome one at that.
5. I think your big fat hens are cochin or cochin mix perhaps.

Thank you much AuberyMirkwood and AccentOnHakes!! Such a quick response.

I was thinking the Amerucuna's were EE's... Wasn't sure on the white one... but had a hunch...

Thank you again!

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