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    May 24, 2011
    I had 3 hens. BackYard "chickening" was awesome. After 3 fun years I had sent one aggressive lady to a friend's farm, and had an issue with respiratory illness in one and decided to cull the flock. Turns out, timing was good. I spent the following year kicking cancer. Now, in celebration of my good health, I have ordered a new flock for April 2015!
    My first crew consisted of a buff orp, barred rock and ameraucana. I was determined not to order any of these breeds again. I don't want to connect these new girls with my old ones. Based on availability and characteristics that will work for a small Vermont coop, I chose the following:

    Easter Egger
    Buff Chantecler
    Cuckoo Maran
    Delaware Female
    Silver Laced Wyandotte

    Any feedback on the varieties I'll be getting from Meyer? I have some experience with the EE and Wyandotte, but am not super familiar with the others. I'm looking forward to a colorful egg basket! My family keeps the chickens very much as pets, so I hope that they all have the potential to be friendly based on the energy we will be putting into them.

    Any comments on Meyer either? They were one of the few that would allow me to order unique selections with only a qty of 5 for shipment. Local farms stores don't offer the selection.

    New coop design will begin soon. The great ClarkeChick coop shared on this website was passed on to another family so that I can redesign bigger and better!
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    Enjoy your chickens when you receive them!

    Sorry I don't have anything to say regarding your questions, but wanted to wish you well in your new flock keeping!

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