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12 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Hi all...I have been a huge fan for almost a year now and finally decided to "officially" join.
I currently live in Mexico and plan to move back to Texas in a few months. I began perusing poultry types and breeds as a solution to a huge grasshopper problem we had last year. I have a three-year old and two dogs, so spraying poison was not an option.
Oddly enough, I had access through an internet merchant site to buy lots of different types of fowl and breeds, even though the predominant chicken breeds here are for fighting (it's legal and government sanctioned) or consumption (you can buy chickens "on the foot"). Your site was essential as far as the research I needed to determine which breed of chicken would be best suited for me, and then how to care for them, and then what treats were ok to give them, and now (finally) how to care for them since they are laying.
I have two; black silkie rooster and hen (I would have gone with one, but they are very social and one silkie = inside chicken which my husband was not in agreement with!
They are about 10 months old and the hen started laying a few days ago.
Unfortunately, I cannot take them back with me to the US (the quarantine fees are killer), but I definitely plan on getting more silkies and maybe a showgirl in the future!

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