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I got my first chicken about 7 years ago. He was a big rooster that showed up at our house and would not leave but he would attack everyone including people just walking past our yard so my dad gave him to his coworker. We just inherited a house on enough land to raise a few animals. My mom wants to get some hens for eggs and I want to get some chickens to help with the cost of feeding my dogs a pray model raw diet and maybe some for the family to eat also. My hobby is aquariums but since we moved to a smaller house I am downsizing on my aquariums but I normally have between 3 and 7 going at once. I have 2 dogs(a Chichuhua & a Chihuahua mix), 11 cats(no pure breeds), 8 rats, 5 mice, a aquarium, a pond, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, 4 adult Western Black Widows, 2 California Ebony Tarantulas, 2 Fire-belly Toads and a Desert Banded Gecko. My mom has 7 dogs and my brother has a cat and 3 rats.
Boy, you will have your hands full keeping dogs and cats away from the chickens. Good luck to you with that.

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