New From Deep South Georgia


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Adrian, Georgia
My name is Linda and I have a website, I am usually so tied down with all my farm babies, I don't have time to socialize, but with the weather change and us buying our new property for our farm, I just had a minute to set down and introduce myself, if I can help any members or if any members want to chat all my contact information is on my website. So, HELLO, everyone, nice to meet you, hope all have great upcoming spring hatches.
Linda Zeagler
Hi Everybody. I'm new at this but here I go. I am from Atlanta and live there for 4-5 months of the year. We can't have chickens where we live but the rest of the year we live in a remote, rural place where we can have as many birds as we want. That is the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland. We currently have 58 chickens of about 12 different breeds but since they all mix together we get some pretty funky looking hybrids.

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