New from GA

Welcome to Backyard chickens. You may also want to check out the "Silkie thread." Just put that in the search box and it will pop up.
Hi and welcome to BYC and congrats on your new flock. I'm sure you will be planning for more chickens soon :). Yorkshire coop and DDiva have given you some great links. Please make yourself at home here with us.

Best wishes
Hello Neighbor, I'm in Macon, just a spit up the interstate from Fort Valley.

So glad you have joined us and congrats on your new flock.
Thank you all for your warm hellos! I will post pics of the babies this afternoon, we have to go back to the breeder this morning after one of my new hens started to crow
I've told my husband these are the only 2 we will get.....BUT.....the breeder had some polish chickens about to hatch, and when we got our coop I accadently bought the bigger one that will fit 4-5 hens (oops) that being said, these are pets so I really am looking to stay at 4 hens.
Sunflour- my husband and I moved to GA IN May. We are living in a small I law apartment at the back of my in laws garage until the house (2 houses away) is placed up for sale (it was a for closure and owned by Bank of America....

Anyway, we have met my in laws friends. While very nice, my husband and I have got to start over (from Rhode Island) which at late 40's is difficult to do. I'm hoping to actually meet like minded animal lovers as well as soak up all the info I can to give my silkies (korbel and the future Krystal) the best life possible! Pics to come...

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