In the Brooder
9 Years
May 21, 2010
Central Indiana
Hello all! Our family started this new adventure 8 weeks ago, when our son brought home two hatched chicks from a school science project. Since then, I have done an extensive amount of research about our peeps and I am truly hooked! We built a great duplex coop, which the kids painted. THis has really turned into a great family project!

What great pets peeps are! We currently have two white leghorns- pullet and roo, who are 8 weeks today. I was greeted by the roo, "Chirpy" this morning- he actually tried to crow at me in his own pre-pubescent way for the first time. How adorable was that!

Anyway, we are waiting on the arrival of six additional chicks this week. I can't wait to see them! I will post pics when they get here!

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