New from Indianapolis


7 Years
May 16, 2012
Indianapolis, IN

I'm Kim. I have been wanting dreaming of adding chickens to our family of animals for about four years. My family and I bought a home with an acre of land, and chickens were my first thought. I spent a lot of time on my grandparents farm as a child, and the 'chicken yard' was one of my favorite parts. So, I have finally convinced my husband (a California boy of 56) that chickens are a good idea! I'm persistent! I'm hoping to have a coop ready this summer. I cannot wait! Looking forward to talking with all of you.
Hi Kim...I also dreamed (for 52 years) of raising chickens. Seven weeks ago I brought seven day-old chicks home (added to my group of three rescue dogs, three rescue cats, a 31 year old parrot, pond, three daughters, and a husband who shakes his head at me)!

I love these chickens and so will you! They are giving us all much joy and are more fun than I ever imagined. Congratulations! Can't wait for you to get them.

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