New From Maine


Jul 28, 2016
I just got some chickens .. and well I have been around them as a youngster( my grandma had about 50) and did a bit of reading (mostly here ) and think my farmer had a slight issue with choosing the right sex
I am not new to forums and manage(moderate) one of my as well , so I kinda get the idea ... but all layouts are different so I will hopefully not fowl up yours

Anyhow .. I am Rita I have 6 chickens .. one black australorp (grim peeper) , easter egger (Cluck Norris ) , white leghorn (Honkey) , speckled sussex (Limey),barred rock(Speck) and a red sex link (Ginger) ... suspecting the Sussex and the black australorp are indeed roos I will post pictures in the appropriate thread

Anyhow we just bought a house last year in Maine we have 5 acres and all my chickens are out till they go home .. we are in the middle of building a new coop and I will also post those pictures at some point .. Had a few issues with fox and are trying to fix a bit of that with the new coop .. anyhow thanks in advance for your help and ideas

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