New from Michigan


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Since I got chickens a few weeks ago, I've been googling things a lot, and BYC kept popping up in many of my searches.
My children and I have 4 chickens (Bantams). We are only allowed four in town. They are currently living in the basement in a kiddie pool until the weather warms up enough for them to move outside. Little did I know that when picking out chickens, I shouldn't go by cute.
We have no idea if we have roosters, but in the event that we do, I've already found homes for them. I also didn't know that bantams are much smaller than regular chickens. I'm managing to learn a lot right now.
We also have 3 rabbits and one dog. I shouldn't forget the children either, there are three of them. Two teenagers and one that's 8. Sometimes they feel like pets too. Since I have to cook and clean up after them as well (I'm kidding about them being pets).
We live in a small farming community south west of Lansing.
Howdy from Kansas, 3babyflamingos, and
! Great to have you aboard! Good luck to you and your bantams!
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