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Sep 3, 2013
Hello everyone ! I am new to the site and chickens. I got my chicks the week after Easter never knowing how attached I would become to my little babies. I absolutely LOVE it ! Unfortuantely I lost 2 already :( One from a nasty huge hawk and just this past weekend I went into the coop and one of my girls was deceased. So definitely getting used to it but trying my best to keep them healthy and happy. Hopefully I can keep learning and get some information from this site
:) :) :)

I too am new at this. I bought 7 baby chicks in mid April from a local garden supply store and was told they were all girls. Surprise, 2 were of which was aggressive so I rehomed him over to my neighbors house.

I'm sorry to hear about the hawk. I'd be devasted if that happened to one of my chickens.

How many chickens do have and have they layed yet ?

~J~ from NJ
Thank you so much for the welcomes

I currently have 8. I actually ended up with 2 boys as well and my one was always the sweetest little thing when he was a baby and now hes very protective and vocal haha. This past weekend I got 4 brown eggs! I have been waiting for so long but I actually think it was the female that I got from a friend down the street, they thought it would be funny to steal her from someone's yard while intoxicated
and then once sober realized what they did so she was wandering his yard so he gave her to me to add to my flock, it took a week for her to get adjusted now shes part of the family and for some reason I have a feeling she is giving me my delicious eggs. But no other girls have laid yet.

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