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Oct 25, 2012
Hello all,
After some research, this city boy was pleasently talked into getting chickens by my wife. We agreed and then suddenly she showed up at the house with 4 chicks she got at the feed store with our 2 kids. I got jealous and went back to the feed store a few days later ( a different one though) and got 2 more chicks. Since the movie the Avengers just came out we named the chicks after them. Some were easy, Thor (the Blonde chick), Iron Man....not so much, anyway we expanded and I went to a farm off of craigslist and got 4 more chicks and 2 Muscovy ducks. We did this all in the name of eggs by the way so we wanted all females. One of the chicks didn't make it and we were down to 9 chickens and 2 ducks. Well as much as I loved having chickens, I was blown away by my love of ducks. I had to have more. I went out and got 2 khaki campbells and then added a crested runner and crested cayuga. My wife said no more ducks, we don't have the biggest property so until we do I conceded. OK, so now to the meat and last week was quite interesting. Turns out I have a Rooster, I know this because he finally crowed in front of us. Then I saw the tail feather of one of my Campbells produce the curl. and then I watch him hump the other campbell. I've never seen that before. So the muscovys have always been the leaders of the ducks because they were so much bigger but now the drake campbell (by the way he's the one pictured with me on my profile) is setting his claim and I found the big Muscovy seperated from the other ducks today. And then I put them to bed by closing up the coop and the Muscovy was missing and I found her in what I call the duck house. The Duck house is a place that I built for the ducks low to the ground but as soon as I built it, the young ducks figured out how to walk up the ramp to the coop and now the hens use the duck house to lay their eggs.
So it seems the pecking order has changed at our house hold, anyone ever held of a duck isolating itself from the pack or flock?
How long will this last?
Welcome! I'm also in Washington and we've got a (very fast-paced) thread for the WA locals here, feel free to jump in! I'm not so familiar with ducks, but hopefully someone will chime in with some great advice. There's also a portion of the forum just for ducks and waterfowl where you might get a better response to your questions in case they get overlooked here in the welcome section. Good luck!
Greetings from Kansas, rickardson, and
! Happy to have you aboard! Sounds like you caught poultry fever in a big way!! I don't know lots about ducks - I have just 4 - two drakes and one hen pekin, and one drake cayuga. I've not seen the behavior you describe with my birds. I'm sure someone on BYC will be able to help, though. You might post over on the duck thread as Rd Barn suggested. Good luck to you!

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