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Apr 19, 2011
Irwin, OH
My landlord found a ton of laying hens at an auction. He wasn't really able to see the hens that well, but ended up bringing them home to find that they were ex battery hens that had been put on a farm for a while then out to auction. There were 40 chickens in the lot, when he got them home there were some major issues, featherless, broken beaks, toes, etc and the pecking order battles claimed a few. Of course, the hens no longer lay for the most part and they are talking about getting rid of them. A few of the girls would come around my place and enjoy some treats and even though they were REALLY skittish when they got to us, a few really took to me. I started noticing one of the girls getting a little weak a few days ago and talked to my landlord who told me the rest of the hens had been difficult with her and not letting her eat and trampling her. So last night after having this girl on my lap falling asleep, I went back to my landlord and said I wanted to buy her. I didn't care if she laid, she'd just be a good pet. So the n...ew life of Cinder begins.

Cinder comes to me with broken toes, her beak was damaged pretty badly when she was debeaked, and although she's well feathered now... she is still bald in spots (most of the girls have feathered out nicely since they came to my landlords). My girls, and Pengi, have taken her in nicely. There was very little problems and my Golden Comet even seems to defend her from other hens from my landlords flock LOL

So, Welcome home, Cinder.

Awwweee, that is so sweet. So nice of you to take her in like that. Poor thing has had it rough.

She'll have a great rest of her life for sure, and she deserves it! I'm sure after some love she'll even lay a few eggs for you!
She's a wonderful little hen. She's been acting a little sickly today so i am gonna be keeping her in the house with me for a while. I don't think she will mind though
Even my fiance seems to like her and was the first to step up and say that I needed to take her when we saw her going downhill. I think I'm gonna turn him into a chicken lover yet:fl

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