New GQF 3255 ten-turn thermostat


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Sep 25, 2007
This is a brand new thermostat purchased directly from GQF Manufacturing. It sells for $78.90, and my ship charge for it was $8.51, for a total of $87.41.

Here's the link to the thermostat on the GQF website:

Thermostat will come with the wiring diagram included in the original shipment. The reason I'm selling it is that I was given an opportunity to test a thermostat that's fairly new to the market, and this opportunity presented itself just after I ordered the GQF thermo. So, rather than return it, I thought I'd offer it up at a very reduced price!

This is a PayPal-only auction. Winning bidder needs to pay by 6 p.m., day auction ends. I will ship out the thermostat by noon the following day.

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