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Sep 27, 2013
West Virginia
Hello Backyard Chickener's!

I figured that I have been lurking on this site for long enough and it was time to introduce myself!

My 12 year old daughter decided that she wanted chickens for Christmas last year. We came to an agreement that it might be a better idea if we waited until Easter
. I started searching online for some different coop ideas shortly after the new year, and was lucky enough to stumble across BYC!!

A design was decided on and construction started on some of the warmer days of spring. Just before Easter we took a trip to our TSC and purchased our first dozen chicks! We bought 3 brown leghorns, 3 golden comets, 3 ameraucana's and 3 "red pullet" chicks. I'm not sure what we really ended up with, but we managed to only end up with 2 roosters, both brown leghorns. We ended up giving 1 of the cockerel's to a neighbor so that we now have just the 1 (Foghorn).

I can identify the brown leghorns, but other that that I'm not really sure what we have. The hens are all laying now and I am pretty sure that we have 0 ameraucan's since all of our eggs are brown except for the small white ones from the leghorn. 2 hens are larger in size and kind of a mahogany color, 1 is a light golden color and the rest are some sort of red. I think that they might be red sex link's, but I have no idea.

Anyways.......... they have been a wonderful and addicting project!!!

We are currently working on building an incubator and look forward to trying to raise a few different breeds which my daughter plans to use for 4-H and take to the local fair next year.

She entered 1 dozen eggs, an egg for the "largest" category, and an egg for the most "unique" into our local Molasses Festival which is taking place this weekend. Wish us luck!!

Thank you all for the valuable information that has been gained from this wonderful site!!
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