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9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Hi all, new to the board and had a quick? regarding feeding. We have 4 hens who have just started laying (2 RIR, 1 Brown Leghorn, and 1 red sexlink). We just introduced a Blue Cochin/Buff Orp. rooster to the mix, and it's worked out great. My question is we were feeding the hens a layer blend feed, is it ok to feed the rooster the same, or should he be getting something different? They are kept in a run so they do not free range. They also get lots of fresh veggies from the garden as well. Thanks!
For what it's worth, all my birds get the same feed. Mine do free range, but they have only been doing so for the last two and a half to three months. Before that, they were all in a run and fed the same diet. As much as what people advocate "layer" feed, I don't think it's much different to regular feed, apart from a little added calcium. I don't even use layer feed anymore, and I'm yet to get a thin shelled egg.
Since a grown rooster will normally eat a whole lot less than a hen who is laying an egg every day, the extra calcium in layer feed shouldn't have any effects on him. Whenever I have just one or two roosters in with the laying hens, they eat what the hens eat.
You will enjoy this website. Tons of helpful people to answer any questions you have. You will be sure to do a lot of
I don't ever use layers pellets, just give regular corn and feed and some calcium supplements....baked and broken up egg shells, cuttlefish bone and free range forage.


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