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    Hi there,

    I'm new to incubating eggs. We had chick and duck eggs in our incubator. We just successfully hatched several chicken eggs. About a week after the chicks hatched we had a duck hatch. It seems the duckling had a hard time getting out of the egg or possibly stuck on something, it's beak is a little bloody (looked more like a blood bubble). I was unsure at first if it was inside or on top. I had the week old chicks separated by cardboard in the brooder to make sure they would not pick on the duckling since he wasn't a day old at that point. Yesterday afternoon it seems the duckling was tired of being alone and it pushed it's way through / under the cardboard to get to the chicks on the other side. They are all getting along fine so far. When it pushed it's way through though, he busted the "blood bubble" that was on its beak. Seems to be eating and drinking fine, getting along with the other chicks. Is there something to do for its beak or keep an eye on it? I've gently wiped it off but that's it. Any advise would be great! Thanks! :)

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    I wish I could help, but I know nothing about hatching:hmm but good luck!

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