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    Mar 29, 2009
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    I had a wonderful experience on Good Friday, I had my very first Hatch in my Havo-Bator, I sat 23 eggs, I have 18 very lively chicks, 2 died, and three didnt hatch, well they are still in the bator to see if they will be a late hatch. Yesterday (sat.) was the day they were suppose to hatch, got them a day early.

    PICS will be forth coming, at work today and didnt bring my cam! Sorry:)

    In the mix I have BRs, and some that may be auracana(Spelling off, im sure:lol:)

    Do have a question, after they started hatching, the humidity got very high had lot of condensation on my windows, tried wiping off, proped lid open and maintain right temp, they wouldnt dry, so I took each out and put under my heating lamp,,,,all seems to have worked out. Any suggestions on what to do next if I have the same problem,,,,,,maybe use less water??

    Thanks, and just love this site!!!!!

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    congrads on the new chicks! you Know we need pictures [​IMG] [​IMG]

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