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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I'm hatching some of my eggs from my mixed flock (I have 2 roosters - black australorp who I thought was dominant and lavender ameracauna). The hens were red sex links. Is it possible to get a yellow chick (with maybe 5 tiny black specks) from an australorp-red sex link cross? Thanks!
that is kind of a funny question, I have been trying to breed certain colors myself, not the same as you, If I was to guess, you might get, all black chickens, or black with reddish heads- like a black star. I doubt you would get a spotted chicken, unless your rooster was spotted like a barred rock or a speckled sussex.
I meant that the chick hatched out was yellow with black speckles... I was expecting black chicks lol
oh- i gottcha! you got lucky then! I had one hatch out that was EE/RIR/ and barred rock it came out looking like a red barred rock

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