( New Haven CT) A Pair of Barbu D'Anvers Bantams....Need Them Gone ASAP!!! *Willing To Ship*

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    They Both Are 13 Weeks Old As Of May 30th And Have Been Vaccinated For Marek's

    They are 13 weeks old as of May 30th. Barbu D'Anvers are true bantams, males weigh about 700 grams and hens about 600 g. The Barbu d'Anvers is one of the oldest bantam breeds, and is thought to have originated in the province of Antwerp in northern Flanders. The Barbu d'Anvers is a purely ornamental breed, kept either as a pet or for showing. The hens of the breed are friendly to humans, however like all roosters temperaments may very. Most Barbu d'Anvers live longer and more healthily if kept free-ranging or in an open space with no crowding. Temperamentally, the breed is very amicable, and bears confinement well. Hens lay small creamy white eggs usually weighing less than 35 g; they are good mothers and good sitters.


    Shipping Is An Option But May Up The Cost

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    pmd you

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