New hen in flock...what to do?

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    Jun 21, 2010
    So we just got our first Silkie. And I am not sure how to introduce the new chicken to the other two, who are definitely not taken with her...we have a little pen where we are keeping her for now, until the hens get used to the "stranger with the extremely fluffy butt".

    She is somewhat of a rescue, her previous home kept her in a very small area with alot of chicks, and the owners were really rough. However, it was nothing like a puppy mill, the chickens were dirty, but well fed and had good nesting boxes.

    None of the chickens looked sick. But the owner told me she was not vaccinated. I am keeping her separated for a week from the other chickens, and I really am not sure how to get her vaccinated, as my previous chickens were pre-vaccinated. Do you guys know what vaccinations should I ask for at our vets? Is it even necessary to get her shots done?

    Anything else I should do? How should I socilize her?

    Also she definitely needs a bath, how do you give a chicken a bath?
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    Quote:Your describing a situation ( of the previous owners) that would red flag a quarantine period of AT LEAST 30 days. Away from your other birds and last to be handled everyday. Check her over for lice and mites near her vent and under wings first---if she has them treat her....Then watch for respiratory issues in the following weeks-If you have her in with your birds now its too late for all of that but you still need to do a thorough body check for parasites. What were the other birds vaccinated for? Vet don't typically do chicken vaccinations [​IMG] Bathing a chicken is easy-get a warm water tub ready and just bath her/him:) flea a tick shampoo wouldnt hurt but folks use johnsons baby shampoo alot because it so mild-dont get near eyes of course then blow dry on low heat:)
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    Jun 16, 2011
    Bringing a new chicken in is tough. Try to put the new hen in where they can see her, but can't get to her. Do this for about a week. Then take the chicken wire that seperates the new from the old down. Should be good to go![​IMG]

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