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    Aug 30, 2014
    I didnt read any posts before I introduced my Black Rock to my Rosecomb bantams. I figured she would just fit in, and being bigger would survive. I had another coop going if things went wrong. Well my lil bantam Maude totally told her where she belonged! I was a bit worries, and when Winnie, the Black Rock, tries to escape when I opened the nest box lid, I took her inside with me and calmed her down. The next day I locked my chicks out of the coop to clean it. Lo and behold, Winnie decided to have a dust bath. SHe was teaching my bantams as I had never seen them do this. The coo's wer so amamzing! I do have vid but wil have to upload to utube for u! Now, every time i look inthe coop at night they all huddle around Winnie. Especially Maude who likes to nestle underneath her. Its almost like she is their mum!!
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