New hens are beating up the Roo!!!!! Help!

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    Ok so I started with a 1 year old Mexican Game Cock and a 8 week old Black sex-link pullet. On sunday (3 days ago) I added 3 leghorn hens, all about a year old. Since then they have all been in the same 8x16 coop together. My roo is looking pretty beat up. He is loosing a bunch of tail feathers. He has about 5 left. I watched them in the coop and they dont seem to be attacking him. Although one does go after my pullet. I dont feel like hes being much of a Rooster because the 3 new hens just do as they please. [​IMG] I dont know if its stress that could be making him lose tail feathers or the hens themselves. I've looked over my pullet and she doesnt seem to have missing feathers. Could it be because the 3 leghorns are so much bigger then the 2 of them? I thought the Roo was supposed to be at the top of the pecking order? Should I remove the one leghorn that seems to be at the top? They all roost together at night on the same level. [​IMG] Someone help me I need answers! Will all this stop? I just want a happy flock. My pullet seems afraid of all of them [​IMG] .
    Thanks in advance, Heather [​IMG]
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