New hens are sick!


May 21, 2015
I recently bought 4 new hens once I got home I noticed 3 of them were sick. The 3 are sneezing and have a raspy breath and they also are infested with lice.They are my only birds( thank god!) I am new to raising chickens and have never had sick chickens before. I have the 3 sick ones in a separate space and I started them on duramycin 10. It's been 6 days with not much change( I did get rid of the lice though) . My goal to having hens is for their eggs and after doing some research it's not looking good after administering antibiotics
Is it true that this antibiotic will most likely remain in their eggs?? when or if they get better will they be carriers? It breaks my heart and I've never in a million years think I would ask this but is it better just to cull my whole flock? Even the well one? I want to do the right thing not only for my family but for my hens and future ones as well!


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Jan 14, 2015
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If they don't have a bacterial infection then I don't think an antibiotic would work. Sometimes you just need a little time. Also they may sneeze from eating their feed if it goes in their noses. I feed mine pellets instead of mash and they don't sneeze from breathing in the fine powder. It may be too early for culling yet.

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Frist thing you really need is a diagnosis. The antibiotic may be entirely wrong for their problem. It would be best if a vet could test them and tell you what they have and a suggest the proper treatment. I probably would have been upset enough to turn around and go back to the seller and demand the money back and give him his sick birds.

I get very angry with sellers who knowingly put out sick stock hoping no one will notice. You may want to post in detail on the "emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures," thread but generally you need to move fast when birds are sick.


May 21, 2015
My first reaction was to ship them back to the seller but after finding out that the farm has a history of abuse I decided not too. Hard lesson for me. I did have the state in and they were tested for the Avian flu and thank goodness they are negative! I do have one local vet here who deals with chickens but they want $150 just to walk on the property. Which is not an option. Thank you and I will post on the other site.


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about the problems with your flock, good luck with them.

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