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Feb 5, 2013
A little over 2 weeks ago we got 2 new hens to add to our flock of 5. I know it takes awhile for them to get accepted but they are still chased out of the coop in the evening when they are going to roost. During the day the stay inside more than out and seem to stay away from the others. 3 of our other hens peck at them and chase them away from there food. The rooster that we have chases them and when he is able to mount one of them the other hens come running to peck at them while they are pinned down.

Will this stop after awhile or what else can I do? These new ones that we got came from southern states and have had their beaks trimmed before I had picked them up and unsure if the other hens see them as weak since they cant peck back.

Thanks for your info
You might try to put pinless peepers on the bullies but this is an ordeal- they are chicken blinders and you have to put them in warm water to soften before applying to the nostrils or use a ?pliers (I haven't used them). I would save that as a last resort, myself. They don't always work for everyone and are more for pecking/cannibalism. But I fear that the new chickens are being pecked on the roost at night, which is why they don't want to go in.

If you are set up to have two flocks for awhile, then you can take the nicest hen and add her to the new flock of two. Leave them for two weeks and then they will hopefully have a friend in the new flock.

Another thing you can do is to pick out the worst bully and separate her for a week or two.
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