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    Dec 31, 2016
    Hello everyone happy New Years too all. One of my chicken died yesterday no idea why she was just not herself not moving laying on one side with her eyes close. I brought her into the house and and she died. Well! I have notice today that one of my hens is bleeding after she lays an egg. Why is the question? Is there something I could do?
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    Hello and welcome to BYC!

    I am sorry for your loss! [​IMG] It's hard to say why your hen died as so many things can afflict chickens from worms, bacterial or viral infections, egg binding, wounds, flock aggression, something genetic, etc... Many times a necropsy is needed after death to figure out what happened.

    And of course good hygiene and health care along with good diet, exercise, plenty of space and such helps to prevent a lot of diseases.

    As for your hen that is bleeding. Has this been going on a long time? This could be several things from too much over breeding from the rooster, she may have prolapse starting from egg binding or some infection at her vent area.

    Is she the lowest in the order of birds? Many times the lowest in the pecking order is run off from food and water and the lack of water is sure to cause egg binding from dehydration....the bird's oviduct becomes dry and she can't get the egg out.

    If you have any other clues, please let us know!

    Keep us posted! :)
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    Was there any evidence of bleeding or injuries on your chicken that died, especially pecking around her vent? Did you see blood on the second hen's vent or on her egg? Are your hens overcrowded at all, and do they get outside to free range? Can you save the hen's body and refrigerate it in a plastic bag, but not freeze it? You state vet or poultry lab can perform a necropsy on her body to look for a cause of death. What sate or country are you in? Sorry for your loss.

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