New here: biddy with a bald spot


5 Years
May 12, 2015
Hi all,

This is our 3rd flock, but it seems we have lots to learn. Right now we have 20 - 2 week old biddies and 3 chicks about a month old. I have 2 issues:

We just discovered that one of the biddies has a bald spot about the size of a dime. The rest seem fine. I don't know if they peck off the down of each other at this age or if there is another issue we need to see about. Advice?

The other issue: We are trying to intro the biddies with the older chicks and the roo keeps running at them and we have to stop him. We have only let 1 or 2 biddies lose with the olders at a time and stand there the whole time to stop any possible attacks. What have you done to help with the intro of older chicks and youngers?

Thanks for any help!
Have they had their first molt? super fast research told me it normally happens at 18 weeks but maybe she's late to the action. If she's molting there should be what are called pin feathers developing, look for those?
They are only 2 weeks old. This is the batch that has the biddy with the bald spot. My oldest ones are about 4 weeks old.
I kinda figured my 20 -2 got a little confusing. Sorry about that. Thanks for your reply!
They should be fine to integrate the two groups as long as they don't feel over crowded. Start by introducing a group of about 6 of the younger chicks to your older chicks. Then, in a couple days, add another 6. Then the rest of them. You want to help the younger chicks feel the safety of a group, but not overwhelm the older ones too much. The key to all of this is space. Overcrowding can lead to all sorts of problems.
I like to put in things that the little ones can run behind. Maybe put a box in the corners, the little ones can run and hide behind it. I also put some tree branches in the run, the little guys can hide under them. I just cut some from my trees. It helped a lot.
Good luck,
Our chicken house is about 6 feet by 8 feet and they have a yard connected around 2 sides that measures out 5 feet from the wall. At this point, with their small size I don't think they are over crowded. These were straight run so we will cull out some roos when they get older. I like the idea of adding branches and boxes! That sounds like it will work. That little roo was not happy about even 2 biddies in his house with his other 2 hens! Thank you all for your replies!

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